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Xiaomi Redmi 13C


Xiaomi Redmi 13C
Xiaomi Redmi 13C
Mediatek Helio G85 8 x 1.8 - 2 GHz, Cortex-A75 / A55
Grafikus adapter
ARM Mali-G52 MP2
6 GB 
, 4GB / 6GB / 8GB
6.74 hüvelyk 20:9, 1600 x 720 pixel 260 PPI, Capacitive, IPS, fényes: igen, 90 Hz
128GB / 256GB
USB-C Power Delivery (PD), Audió csatlakozók: 3.5mm, Kártyaolvasó: microSD, 1 Ujjlenyomat olvasó, Szenzorok: accelerometer, compass
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5/), Bluetooth 5.3, GSM, UMTS, LTE, Dual SIM, GPS
magasság x szélesség x mélység (mm-ben) 8.1 x 168 x 78
5000 mAh Lítium-Polimer
Operációs rendszer
Android 13
Elsődleges kamera: 50 MPix (f/1.8, 28mm) + 2MP (f/2.4) + 0.08MP
Másodlagos kamera: 8 MPix f/2.0
További jellegzetességek
Billentyűzet: OnScreen
192 g
140 Euró



Átlagos pontszám: 77.67% - jó
Átlag 3 pontszámok (kezdő érték 13 tesztek)
ár: 80%, teljesítmény: 75%, jellegzetességek: - %, kijelző: 75% mobilitás: 80%, összeszerelés: 88%, ergonómia: - %, kibocsájtás: - %

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So, should you invest in the Redmi 13C 5G? We can see people wondering whether the Poco M6 Pro 5G and the Redmi 12 5G might be better options, especially given that they come with larger FHD+ displays, comparable processors, and 22.5 W chargers. Well, they may seem like better options, but then this is a segment where every Rupee matters. And if you are on a very tight budget and still want a rock-solid 5G smartphone with minimum compromises, the Redmi 13C 5G is an excellent option. It is not perfect, but it does the basics brilliantly and at a very affordable price. It is not perfect. It will not blow your mind, although it might dazzle your eyes. But it just works. And for many of us, that is what counts most of all. Brilliant basics on a budget. A Redmi approach to smartphones. At Rs 10,999, the Redmi 13C 5G is one of the best budget 5G smartphones around. But it faces competition from within its own family.
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The Redmi 13C is a solid 5G phone if you can spend a little more than Rs 10,000. It is priced at Rs 10,999. Firstly, you get a great design. It is able to offer a good general performance and battery life as well. The display is also pretty bright and the colours are lively. There is also a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, which is fast enough to quickly unlock the phone. One can also get attractive camera shots in ample light. Essentially, the Redmi 13C has received a big thumbs up from us and people can consider buying it for an all-rounder experience in under Rs 12,000.
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The Redmi 13C 5G sits somewhere between an entry-level and a capable sub-Rs 15,000 smartphone. There are some compromises to keep the pricing affordable, which in my opinion, isn’t a bad thing as many young customers do want a taste of the 5G internet speeds as long as Indian telcos aren’t separating 5G and 4G prepaid or postpaid plans, at least for now. If I keep the sub-standard camera performance and slow charging speed aside, the Redmi 13C 5G will easily get the basics done, which include calling, texting, and running essential apps (WhatsApp, Uber, and so on) with reliable internet speeds. Therefore, on paper, the Redmi 13C 5G is a great idea, but the execution by Xiaomi could’ve been better. Whether to go for Redmi 13C 5G or not, the answer isn’t straightforward. You could spare some extra bucks and go for the Redmi 12 5G (roughly Rs 1,000 for almost all three variants), which offers much better performance and a 22.5W charging brick in the box.
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Sure, the Redmi 13C 5G seems like a well-rounded update. But it's all expected to show up with a higher price tag, which is something Xiaomi will reveal in the coming days. Thankfully, it will appear justified given that the actual successor to the Redmi 12C is the Redmi 13C, which is the non-5G variant of the same device. At the time of writing, Xiaomi has not provided us with details about its standard Redmi 13C (4G) model but did comment that it would have a lower resolution selfie camera, among other minor changes, versus the 5G model. So, do stay tuned for our review of the entry-level Redmi 13C 5G to find out if it's worth the premium over the Redmi 12C or the 13C or whether it gets cannibalised by the budget Redmi 12 5G (Review) instead.
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Trên tay Redmi 13C: Thiết kế trẻ trung, cấu hình nổi bật với chip Helio G85, màn hình 90 Hz, pin 5.000 mAh
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ARM Mali-G52 MP2:


» További információt talál a Grafikus Adapterek Összehasonlításában és a kapcsolódó Benchmarkokban.

Helio G85:

ARM-alapú nyolcmagos SoC 2 nagy ARM Cortex-A75 maggal 2 GHz-ig, és 6 kicsi és energiatakarékos ARM Cortex-A55 maggal 1.8 GHz-ig. Egy Cat-7 (letöltés) / Cat-13 (feltöltés) LTE Modemet (4G), ARM Mali-G72 MP3 GPU-t és egy ARM Mali G52 MC2-t integrál, 950 MHz-ig.

» További információt talál a Mobil Processzorok Összehasonlításában.


» Hogy megtudja milyen felbontással rendelkezik a kijelző, látogassa meg a DPI Listánk.

» További információt találhat a Noteszgép Vásárlási Útmutatónkban.


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