Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio, i7-11370H RTX 3050 Ti


Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio, i7-11370H RTX 3050 Ti
Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio, i7-11370H RTX 3050 Ti (Surface Laptop Studio Széria)
Intel Core i7-11370H 4 x 3.3 - 4.8 GHz, Tiger Lake H35
Grafikus adapter
16384 MB 
14.40 hüvelyk 3:2, 2400 x 1600 pixel 200 PPI, Capacitive, fényes: igen, 120 Hz
up to 2TB SSD
2 Thunderbolt, Audió csatlakozók: 3.5mm, Szenzorok: Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, 1 x Surface Connect port 
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5/ax = Wi-Fi 6), Bluetooth 5.1
magasság x szélesség x mélység (mm-ben) 18.94 x 323.28 x 228.32
Operációs rendszer
Microsoft Windows 11 Pro
Webkamera: FHD 1080p IR
További jellegzetességek
Hangszórók: Stereo, Billentyűzet: Chiclet, Billentyűzet háttérvilágítás: igen
1.8 kg



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90% Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio review
Forrás: Laptop Mag Angol EN→HU
The Surface Laptop Studio is the sort of gadget I would love to own but find it hard to justify the cost. At least, for my own needs. I wouldn't benefit from the clever hinge as much as an artist, designer, engineer, or anyone who prefers using a stylus or touch inputs over a touchpad. That said, anyone whose work or play could benefit from the flexibility of the Laptop Studio's unique design should strongly consider this laptop — the hinge really is a game-changer and rare on laptops in this class. Overall, the Surface Laptop Studio is an excellent laptop with a unique design that makes it purpose-built for creative pros who want something more out of their gadgets.
Egyéni teszt, online elérhetőség, Hosszú, Dátum: 10/05/2021
Értékelés: Összpontszám: 90%
80% Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio
Forrás: PC Mag Angol EN→HU
Packed with innovative features, Microsoft's Surface Laptop Studio presages a new breed of laptop for creative pros who are pen-input devotees. One big quibble: Performance isn’t nearly class-leading. Perhaps you’re a software developer by day and a gamer by night. Or maybe you game and code simultaneously by night, and by day you’re asleep. In either case, your laptop of choice might have once been a Razer or an Alienware, but now there’s a new kid on the block: the 14-inch Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio (starts at $1,599; $2,699 as tested). It advances the state of the art of mobile computing for creative pros in a big way, with a haptic touchpad and a 120Hz screen that pulls forward so you can lay it completely flat on top of the keyboard. It’s not particularly powerful, and it's pricey, but it's still impressive.
Egyéni teszt, online elérhetőség, Hosszú, Dátum: 10/05/2021
Értékelés: Összpontszám: 80%
The Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio Review: Dynamic Design
Forrás: AnandTech Angol EN→HU
The Surface Laptop Studio has everything going for it. The design is striking. The functionality is fantastic. The performance is excellent. Even the battery life is superb. Can there even be a downside? Yes of course there is, and it is the price. The Surface Book was a very expensive computer, so it should be no surprise that the replacement is also very expensive. Starting at $1599.99 USD for the Core i5 / 16 GB / 256 GB model and topping out at $3099.00 for a Core i7 / RTX / 32 GB / 2 TB model, the Surface Laptop Studio is most definitely expensive. Whether or not it is worth it is always a personal or business decision. Microsoft has delivered a worthy successor to the Surface Book which integrates wonderfully with Windows 11. Do you need it? Likely not. Do you want it? Likely yes.
Egyéni teszt, online elérhetőség, Nagyon hosszú, Dátum: 10/05/2021
Surface Laptop Studio review: A better Surface Book, a missed opportunity
Forrás: Engadget Angol EN→HU
Here’s the thing: I genuinely like using the Surface Laptop Studio. Its flexible screen is far less frustrating than the Surface Book’s, it has an excellent keyboard and it’s powerful enough to play a few games. But I can’t help but want more, especially after seeing how much the Surface Book line struggled since its inception. With a starting price of $1,600, the Surface Laptop Studio directly competes with Dell’s XPS 15, the MacBook Pro 16-inch, and the Razer Blade. You’d have to shell out at least $2,100 to get the NVIDIA GPU, which puts it up against far more powerful gaming laptops. So here’s the question: How much is a tilting screen worth to you? If it’s more important than having the best CPU and GPU power around, the Surface Laptop Studio will suit you well. But if you want genuine power for a similar price, just get the Razer Blade 14 already.
Egyéni teszt, online elérhetőség, Hosszú, Dátum: 10/05/2021
Microsoft Surface Pro 8 and Laptop Studio hands-on
Forrás: Engadget Angol
Hands-On, online elérhetőség, Közepes, Dátum: 09/22/2021


NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Laptop GPU:

Középkategóriás játékos laptop grafikus kártya, amely az Ampere GA107 chipre épül.


» További információt talál a Grafikus Adapterek Összehasonlításában és a kapcsolódó Benchmarkokban.


Tiger Lake (H35 sorozat) alapú csúcskategóriás négymagos SoC vékony és könnyű játékra szánt laptopokhoz és munkaállomásokhoz. A négy CPU-mag 3 - 3,3 GHz-es alapórajelen (28 - 35 W TDP) és akár 4,8 GHz-es Boost órajelen működik. Az integrált G7 GPU 96 magot kínál 400 - 1350 MHz-es órajelen.

» További információt talál a Mobil Processzorok Összehasonlításában.


» Hogy megtudja milyen felbontással rendelkezik a kijelző, látogassa meg a DPI Listánk.

» További információt találhat a Noteszgép Vásárlási Útmutatónkban.


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